Our mission is to produce great food with classic Italian flavors. Our products are made from simple ingredients, careful craftsmanship, and we always start with antibiotic-free pork because we think it is healthier for you and the environment. We make our products to be part of good conversations, reward you at the end of a hard day, and fuel your active life.


We are an artisan producer of all-natural meat products rooted in Italian tradition and the classic salumificio.  We prioritize clarity of flavor based on simple ingredients and time-honored craftsmanship.

Peter Roscini Colman grew up on an organic farm in Vermont and spent summers in Umbria with his babbo’s family. There, he used to "warm up" for lunch at his grandparents' house by eating prosciutto. A lot of prosciutto. He loved it so much he decided he wanted to learn to make it himself. His uncle Franco introduced him to Pepe, who introduced him to Francesco and David. Soon, he was apprenticing with these norcini, the famed butchers of Umbria, who taught him the methods, techniques, and centuries-old traditions of salumi-making.



Peter Roscini Colman grew up on Cate Farm, a pioneer of Vermont's organic movement. There, he learned the importance of sustainable farming techniques for supporting healthy people, animals, and communities. As the founder of Vermont Salumi, he proudly continues the tradition of producing great food from the Green Mountains of Vermont.