prosciutto cotto

Inspired by traditions rooted in Vermont and Italy, hams are brined with maple syrup, tumbled with herbs and finished in the smokehouse. Smoky, succulent and delicious, we love slices of this on sandwiches, charcuterie boards, tossed into salads or with eggs in the morning.    


The vast majority of Italian salumi are made with pork, but beef eye of round is the star in here. Carefully crafted in Barre, Vermont, using the traditions from the Alps in Northern Italy, this ruby-red meat is nicely marbled and aged for 3 months with a touch of thyme, juniper, and black pepper.


Lean, herbed pork loin aged for 3 months. Bright and clean flavors and shaves into slices with a dusky blush hue. Same cut as Spanish Lomo. Lonza is the perfect combination of lean and fat with a smooth texture.


A sight to behold! This fat-laced salumi is cut from the back of the pig's neck, aged for 3 months, and dusted with black pepper and coriander. With the smooth, thin texture of prosciutto, but a more substantially fatty mouthfeel and seasoned flavor, it's the cornerstone of the deli-style Italian sandwich and it provides a warm counterpoint to the more delicately flavored elements on your traditional charcuterie platter.

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