Peter Roscini Colman grew up on an organic farm in Vermont and spent summers in Umbria with his family. There, he used to "warm up" for lunch at his grandparents' house by pounding prosciutto. A lot of prosciutto. He loved it so much he decided he wanted to learn to make it himself. Soon, he was apprenticing with the norcini, the famed butchers of Umbria, who taught him the methods, techniques, and centuries-old traditions of salumi-making. A few years later, Peter brought the art back to Vermont, where he introduced a new generation to the extraordinary flavors of real salumi.



Peter Roscini Colman grew up on Cate Farm, a pioneer of Vermont's organic movement. There, he learned the importance of sustainable farming techniques for supporting healthy people, animals, and communities. As the founder of Vermont Salumi, he proudly continues the tradition of producing great food from great land.

The salumiere of Italy learned long ago that there is no shortcut to producing the intense flavors of authentic charcuterie. It takes healthy pigs, hands-on techniques, and time. We learned from those masters, and we think America is ready to embrace that Old-World ethos.



We make America's most delicious sausages and salami using all-natural meat from sustainable farms. That means no antibiotics, no hormones, and no shortcuts. Our salumi is handmade and slow-cured. By reviving this art, we hope to hook a new generation on these incomparable flavors.